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Where can I get a good deal on a drink right now near me?  Ever find yourself asking that question? We did, and we also found that there was no easy way to answer that question, so we made an app.  Honestly, we made it for ourselves.  That’s why it’s free.  We thought everybody should have access to an app like this.  We also use it to help us get out of our rut of going to the same trusty place over and over again to try something new.  Get it now!

Here’s what makes our app different (and we think better) than other previous apps & websites:

  • Find the right deal…using lots of criteria such as day of the week (including Today), time of day (including Now), type of deal (some days you want wine, others you want beer), and area (near you or a near a place you’re going to be)
  • Instant results…when you change the criteria the results display instantly, no jumping back and forth between pages
  • Works offline…yep, all of the happy hours are there all the time even if you have little (or no) Internet access at the moment
  • Easy to share…integrated with e-Mail, SMS/Text, Twitter and Facebook, tap one button and invite your friends to meet you
  • Sort…the way you want it: start time, end time, name, distance, etc.
  • Multiple views…see your options in a list or on the map
  • Free…did we mention the app is free?

Additional Features for Android: 

  • Search region displayed in grey on the map
  • Share with any app that takes text or links

New in Version 1.1 for iOS: 

  • Search by name – there is a new tab along the bottom that allows you to search ALL of the bars and restaurants by any part of their name
  • Fix It! Button added to the detail page  – we do our best to keep the data up-t0-date, but if you find information that needs to be fixed, you can now just tap the Fix It! button on the detail page to let us know.
  • Tweets now include the location’s Twitter ID, if it exists – now you can let your favorite bar or restaurant know you plan on coming to their happy hour

Updates in Version 1.1 for iOS: 

  • Significant performance improvements throughout – the list and map views are dramatically more efficient.  The lockups or slow downs that some users experienced with larger result sets have been reduced or eliminated
  • Data updates are available as soon as they’re published  – Sometimes, you might have to wait a day to get the latest updates.  Now you can get them as soon as their published
  • Scrolling to the top of the list only happens if data has changed – this was many people’s least favorite “feature” so we changed how and when the list gets updated.  Most of the time, the list will go right back to where you were.  However, if the current time changes hours (say from 3:59pm to 4pm) while you’re in another view, it will still scroll back to the top (because there may be new happy hour deals for you to find)
  • Better performance and bug tracking – Thanks to some new logging, we’ll be better able to track app performance so we can continue to make your experience faster and better
  • Fixed the website link on the detail page
  • Fix various orientation issues

Updates in Version 1.2 for iOS: 

This is a near total re-write of the app in order to allow some great new features in upcoming versions. Lots of bugs were squashed and performance was improved greatly throughout. Plus here are some new features:

  • New businesses, locations, and deals can be added and update more quickly keeping the app more up-to-date
  • Sharing features include more ways to share plus an image of the happy hour, if the sharing type allows it
  • Compatible with iOS 7+
  • Takes advantage of the large screens and resolution for iPhone 6 & 6+
  • Significant performance improvements throughout
  • The list and map views are dramatically more efficient

iPhone 6 Screenshots

HappyHour Location Criteria HappyHour Map View Happy Hour Type Criteria Happy Hour Deal List Happy Hour Deal Detail

Who is HappyHour for?

In short, anybody who’s looking for a good deal on a drink.  However, right now, we’re only in select cities, hopefully coming soon to a city near you.

Additional Info

Want to have your city or town added to the app? Contact us
Know of a great happy hour that should be added to the app? Contact us
Find a happy hour that needs to be updated? Contact us
Do you own a bar or restaurant and want your happy hour featured at the top of the list? Contact us

Caveats, Warnings, and Legal

This app is written for entertainment and information purposes only.  Please do not drink and drive, drink and text, drink and walk, walk and text, or use this or any other app while walking or driving. Always have a designated driver and drink responsibly. If you think you might have a drinking problem, there are plenty of local and national resources available to you, including AlAnon.  HappyHour, Moveable Bytes, and anyone involved with the app or the company takes no responsibility for actions taken as a result of information found in this app.

This app doesn’t gather any of your personal information. So, we can’t sell it or give it away or do anything with it, because we don’t have it and we wouldn’t even if we did. We do, however, track some performance-related data in order to make the app experience better.  We have no way of identifying you or your specific usage of the app.  In addition, cumulative data (for example, the total number of people looking for deals on beer in a given city) may be used to sell featured listings or to help improve happy hour deals at locations.

Also, happy hour information does change frequently. While we do our best to keep the information fresh & accurate, some of the information may be out of date as restaurants and bars change their information frequently and without notifying us. If you happen to find information that is out of date, please let us know.